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The House of Hospitalities
Hospitality is a hallmark of the holiday season, and Kiki Petrosino describes a “hospitality that moves, in language and memory, across generations” in her commentary on Thomas Hardy’s poem, “The House of Hospitalities.” Ms. Petrosino is a Professor of Poetry in the Department of English Creative Writing Program in the College and Graduate School of […]
Season’s Greetings, on Postage Stamps
Holiday postage stamps not only deliver greeting cards, but carry a history in the separation of church and state debate, according to Richard Handler, professor in the Department of Anthropology in the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and director of the Global Development Studies Program at the University of Virginia. Mr. Handler […]
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No Historical Marker
Written by Stephen Cushman, Robert C. Taylor Professor of English, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences   No Historical Marker (Pocosin Mission, Shenandoah National Park) Good Lord, Lord, just what pit have we slipped into? they could have whimpered, cringing in that cabin, little more than lean-to, the Towles sisters, Florence and Marion, […]
The True Meaning of Christmas
by Reverend Mildred Best, UVA Health System Chaplaincy Services     What is the true meaning of Christmas? A question often asked by many.   From a Christocentric and biblical perspective,   the true meaning of Christmas is the Advent, the birth of the Christ Child. It is the beginning of the Christmas story “for God so […]
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