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Who We Are

University Advancement’s Office of Engagement fosters lifelong relationships with alumni, friends, families, and fans, strengthening their connections with the University by helping them stay informed, involved, and invested in their UVA passions.

Our team creates and supports nearly 1,000 events each year in cities and communities around the globe that include in-person and virtual engagement opportunities. We create fundraising strategies, in partnership with schools and programs across Grounds, that help increase donor participation and philanthropic support of the University.

Our team is comprised of 44 University and 55 student employees and coordinates events and programs with over 1,000 alumni, parent, and student volunteers. We work together to create world-class networks, engagement, learning, and giving opportunities through programs like Alumni & Parent Travel, Lifetime Learning, University Annual Giving, and UVA Clubs Global Network.

Contact Us
Office of Engagement
Cindy Fredrick
Senior Associate Vice President, Office of Engagement
Sarah Morgan
Special Assistant and Administrative Manager, Office of Engagement
Cavalier Travels
Kevin Conley
Senior Director, Cavalier Travels
Mary Lynn Musser
Assistant Director, Cavalier Travels
Marieke Cappa
Advancement Associate
Digital Engagement & Communications
Patrick Stanley
Senior Director, Digital Engagement & Communications
Ashley Gresh
Senior Associate Director, Digital Engagement
Joy Nuckolls (SCPS ’12)
Associate Director, Communications and Marketing
Matthew Blough
Digital Engagement Coordinator
DeNeil Bryant
Assistant Director, Communications
Megan Liu
Project Associate, Digital Engagement & Communications
Jo Anne Ebersold
Data Entry, Part-time
Donor Relations
Sasha Monty
Director of Donor Relations
Theresa King
Associate Director, Donor Relations
Delphine Koutone
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Caroline Livingston
Associate Director, Strategic Stewardship
Tiffany Morris
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Michael Marzella
Advancement Coordinator
Brittany Paine
Advancement Coordinator
Event Experiences
Casey Brown
Senior Director, Event Experiences
Mary Andrews
Event Planner, Event Experiences
Beverly Campbell
Director, Event Experiences
Danielle King
Associate Director, Event Experiences
Bina Hopkins
Advancement Coordinator, Event Experiences
L.J. Morris
Advancement Associate, Event Experiences
Hunter McConville
Assistant Director
Brenda Rodriguez
Senior Project Manager
Karen Sowers
Advancement Associate, Event Experiences
Jacqui Wood
Assistant Director
Lifetime Learning
Althea Brooks
Senior Director, Lifetime Learning
Susan Lynch
Associate Director, Lifetime Learning
Dana Mays
Assistant Director of Communications, Lifetime Learning
Jessica Fittro
Project Associate
University Annual Giving
Ann Lawrence Grasty
Executive Director, University Annual Giving
Jeffrey Reason
Project Associate
Direct Marketing
Megan Poole
Director, Direct Marketing
Allie Gibson
Senior Associate Director, Engagement Communications
Megan Black
Assistant Director, Direct Marketing
Katherine Leatherman
Associate Director, Direct Marketing
Michele Locatelli
Associate Director, Graphic Design
Eric Schey
Associate Director, Direct Marketing
Erin Ward
Assistant Director, Content Creation
Kirsten Weimer
Assistant Director, Direct Marketing
Mary Finnerty
Project Associate
Mary Shriver
Project Associate, Direct Marketing
Next Generation Philanthropy
Olivia Hathaway
Assistant Director, Next Generation Philoanthropy
Virtual Philanthropy
Joe Montante
Director, Virtual Philanthropy
Ciara Coon, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Assistant Director
Bradley Scheftner
Assistant Director, Next Generation Philanthropy
Donor Experiences
Jeanna Grimes
Associate Director, Donor Experience
Abby Simmerman
Donor Experience Officer
The Virginia Fund
Rachel Sigler
Associate Director, The Virginia Fund
UVA Clubs Global Network
Michael Goetz
Senior Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Robin Stafford (PAR ’17)
Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Josh Stuart (Col '18, M.Ed '22)
Senior Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Sadira Glendenning
Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Beth Zitzman
Associate Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Conor Webb (M.Ed ‘19)
Assistant Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Emma English (Col '22)
Assistant Director, UVA Clubs Global Network
Said Aweis
Regional Engagement Officer, UVA Clubs Global Network
Dahlia Nelson
Project Associate
Sherry Dunaway
Administrative Coordinator, UVA Clubs Global Network
David Yang
Regional Engagement Officer, UVA Clubs Global Network
UVA Volunteer Engagement
Andrea Devine
Senior Director, Volunteer Engagement

Mailing Address 
P.O. Box 400807
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4807


For Questions Concerning How to Make a Gift
Please contact University Advancement Services at 434-924-7018 or


UVA Alumni Association

Looking for the UVA Alumni Association? Find them at or their contact information below.

The University of Virginia Alumni Association
211 Emmet Street
PO Box 400314
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904