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About Us

When we walk the Lawn that warm May morning and graduate with the honors of honor, we close our UVA chapter as students and begin our UVA chapter as alumni. We mark the start of a lifelong journey as stewards of the University, contributing to its vibrant life and success in a myriad of new ways. Next Generation Philanthropy is about looking to the future— and combining our talents, time, and treasures as recent graduates to uphold all that we cherish about this special place, leaving our legacy through sustained engagement. 

The Next Generation Philanthropy program is designed specifically for graduates of the last decade, and here on our website, you'll find tools and resources to stay informed, involved, and invested in the areas of the University that mean the most to you.

Meet Us

UVA Next Generation Philanthropy also includes Cavalier Connect, the UVA Student Engagement Center.

Next Generation Philanthropy
Olivia Hathaway
Assistant Director, Next Generation Philanthropy
Next Generation Interns
Zain Bangash
Data Analysis Intern
Lauren Howe
Social Media Intern
Laura Ray
Education Intern
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