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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors today, tomorrow’s Lifelong Stewards of the University

Student Ambassadors are involved, invested, and informed representatives of the Office of Engagement. They aim to strengthen connections and build community with all Wahoos; past, present, and future.


Student Ambassadors are INVOLVED at the University and represent a diverse student body:

  • By engaging with alumni at UVA Club socials and networking opportunities
  • By welcoming incoming students and their parents at Student Send-off parties in their hometowns
  • By forming community and belonging with fellow Student Ambassadors at fun team-building events

Student Ambassadors are INVESTED in the University’s future:

  • By being committed to making a difference at the University when giving their time to volunteer at OOE and advancement events.
    • 1st and 4th Run with Jim
    • Hoos Grateful (formerly Thank a Donor Day)
    • Student Experience Panels

Student Ambassadors are INFORMED on Giving at the University:

  • By gaining a deeper understanding of
    • The pivotal role giving plays in the lives of current and prospective students
    • The progression of research and global impact giving incurs
    • Tools and avenues for future giving as NextGen philanthropists


A collage of Student Ambassadors at a team building exercise. They are eating at Brazos Tacos and building spaghetti structures.

The UVA Student Ambassadors participate in programming coordinated for and are advised by staff in, University Advancement’s Office of Engagement.

Assistant Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement
Regional Engagement Officers are staff members of University Advancement’s Office of Engagement and provide support and assistance to UVA Clubs.
Sadira Glendenning, slightly turned, looking directly at the camera and standing in front of bushes