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Join the global UVA Community in Service

A quote from UVA President Jim Ryan


Join fellow Hoos in building bridges in your community and back to Grounds!

100+ Clubs. 72 Hours. What kind of impact can we make?

UVA Clubs from all over the world are participating in a weekend of service - and you can be a part of it! 

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EXCERPT from the 2030 Strategic Plan

Prepare students to be servant-leaders in a diverse, globally connected world.

Preparing students to be responsible leaders— committed to serving others— was part of our founding mission and should remain central to what we do. From the classroom to student self-governance, the honor system, the arts, residential experiences, athletics, and volunteer opportunities, we will intentionally prepare our students to lead and serve others. We will also assess the impact of our programs so that we can better understand how our students learn and develop, and use that evidence when refining programs or designing new ones.

LA Club at a food bank



Continuously promote and strengthen an inclusive community of trust.

>Every member of our community should feel welcome and be able to find a home at UVA, and all members of our community should work to promote an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. We will also encourage and make it easier for students, faculty, and staff to build bridges across lines of difference, because any community is only as strong as the connections within it.

Boston Club at the Boston Marathon

Be a community that consistently lives its values.

We will live by and promote the values at the heart of the University, including service, excellence, honor, diversity and inclusion, free speech and academic freedom, and student self-governance. Also, we will both study and be accountable as an institution to address pressing societal challenges, including environmental sustainability, social mobility, educational inequities, and health disparities.

Philly Club park clean up

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