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2024 Make a UVA Connection Resources

Find resources and guidance to help you plan and execute Make a UVA Connection events!

A casual way for Hoo parents and guardians to meet and get to know other Hoo Parents in their city.

Parents and guardians may think that clubs are for alumni only, so make sure they know that parents are Hoos, too, and they are welcome to attend all club events.

Event Submission Form | Planning Guide


    Planning Your Event: 

    1. Find a Host! A club leader who is also the parent/guardian of a current or recent student is an excellent choice to lead the planning, but any willing volunteer can take the reins. The host should be able to:

    • Make introductions
    • Break the ice
    • Keep conversation flowing

    2. Download the planning guide:

    Planning Guide  

    3. Select your date + find a location.

    When:  The beginning of a new semester is a great time to get Hoo Parents together, but these events can happen any time that’s good for the club. 

    Where: Choose a venue that inspires conversation and allows people to feel comfortable. Private homes, coffee shops, and wine bars are great options.

    Don’t forget to add 30% to your event capacity to account for melt!

    4. Fill out the UVA Clubs Event Form to share your plans: 

    Submit Your Event

    This form signals the Office of Engagement to prepare your event email invitation and registration page. 

    Remember: The earlier you submit your form, the more we can assist you with planning and promoting your event.

    5. Share your event on social media

    Download Images  

    File name: CLUB_Make a UVA Connection_Image Size (e.g., Los Angeles_Make a UVA Connection_1080x1080)

    6. Download the Eventbrite App:

    Eventbrite App  

    7. Have a blast at the event! Don't forget to take pictures!

    Post-Event Checklist: 

    1. Send us some photos of the day:

    Submit Photos!  

    2. Submit your itemized receipts for reimbursement:

    Submit Receipts

    Reminder: Events should be free to attend (i.e. no admission fee). The Office of Engagement will reimburse the club up to $10 per person pre-registered online. If you are meeting at a coffee shop or café, consider having attendees purchase their own beverages and use the OOE money to buy some light snacks such as pastries or a cheese board.

    If you have questions, contact your Regional Engagement Officer.


    Share photos from your event! Photo Submission Form Submit Now