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UVA Clubs Program Overview

UVA Clubs are geographic, regional networks made up of alumni, parents, and friends interested in connecting with each other, their local community, and the University of Virginia. Located in over 100 cities around the world, volunteer leaders plan programming for you in six major areas: admission and new student outreach; athletic activity; community service; cultural and educational programming; social and networking events; digital events. UVA Clubs build a sense of community with many activities in a variety of venues in their region.

UVA Clubs History

The UVA Clubs program dates back to the early 1880’s when the University of Virginia Alumni Association sponsored these clubs.  In 2005, following recommendations from the Alumni Task Force Report, the University Advancement’s Office of Engagement began providing guidance and direction to the UVA Clubs program. Today there are nearly 100 UVA Clubs, which are now part of a global network of alumni, students, parents, and friends of the University of Virginia.

Who Participates?

Participation in UVA Clubs is inclusive and is not dependent on any membership status or affiliation. All alumni, students, parents of current and former students, and friends are invited to participate, and each year over 20,000 people participate in the UVA Clubs program.


UVA Clubs are regional networks located in hub cities around the world made up of alumni, parents and friends interested in connecting with each other, their community and the University of Virginia.