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UVA Entertainment Club of LA

They say that in the entertainment business, it’s all about who you know. Whether you’re an established professional or a recent newcomer, we know it’s a challenge to create meaningful relationships in the industry.

We know the importance of creating and maintaining a broad social network. UVA Entertainment Club of Los Angeles networks all alumni throughout every aspect of the entertainment business at any stage of their career.

We look forward to getting to know all of you!

Our Mission
UVA Entertainment Club of Los Angeles (UVAELA) cultivates a strong community of professionals seeking to support, collaborate, socialize, and network with other UVA alumni, parents and friends in the entertainment business.

Who We Are
UVAELA is a closely networked group that seeks to establish meaningful relationships and mutual support among UVA alumni and parents working in the entertainment industry.

UVAELA serves the growing presence of UVA alumni in entertainment-related fields through:

  • Various social activities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Guest speakers
  • Film screenings
  • Niche-specific professional groups

The club is made up of entertainment types of all kinds, including but not limited to working and aspiring writers, directors, producers, actors, agents, and entertainment lawyers.

What We Do
UVA Entertainment Club of Los Angeles provides resources to its members through Education and Social Networking.  Education within one’s professional craft and business is paramount to the success in the fields of entertainment.

In addition, we provide guidance and advice about the city of Los Angeles to all those newcomers, including recent graduates!

Support is provided through:

  • Career workshops
  • An internship program
  • Guest speakers/panel discussions.

UVAELA provides social networking through:

  • Bar nights
  • Industry parties/events
  • Special screenings
  • Online networking

We collaborate with the UVA Club of Los Angeles on programming and outreach.

Club Leadership


Justin Dwayne Paxton (CLAS 10)


Alexandra P. Kinstle (CLAS 16)


Elisabeth C. Dundiff (CLAS 14)

Board Members

Eren Aksu (CLAS 14)
Jessica M. Lamour (CLAS 09)

Board Members (Cont)

Lauren C. Lukow (CLAS 14)
Rebecca M. Malaret (CLAS 18)
Robert W. McCord (CLAS 17)
Julia L. Monahan (COMM 14)
David Perez (LAW 12)
Myron W. Santos (CLAS 01)
Regional Engagement Officer
Assistant Director, UVA Clubs and Global Engagement
Regional Engagement Officers are staff members of University Advancement’s Office of Engagement and provide support and assistance to UVA Clubs
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