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UVA Clubs Summer Socials & Student Send-offs

UVA Clubs are invited to host fun and casual summer socials as an opportunity for
the entire UVA community in your area to connect.

This series of events will expand on the traditional summer student send-offs and include all returning students, alumni, friends, and fans in your geocode.

This is an exciting opportunity for all Hoos in your area to build their local UVA network and provide a warm welcome to new Hoos!

Get Prepped for UVA Summer Socials! 

Download the Planning Guide:

Planning Guide  

Submit an Event

Encouraged event time frame: Wednesday, July 20 – Sunday, August 14

Fill out the UVA Clubs Summer Social and Student Send-off Event Form to share your plans.

Submit Event  

This form signals the Office of Engagement to prepare your event email invitation, create a registration page, and ship an event supply box prior to your event. Please submit your event by Friday, July 1 to ensure timely email communications and supply box shipment from the Office of Engagement.

In-Person Event Resources
Planning Calendar
  • Cavalier Summer Socials should take place between Wednesday, July 20 – Sunday, August 14
  • Consult the calendar below for open dates and dates to avoid:

CSS Calendar - July-Aug

Eventbrite Resources
Event Funding

Itemized receipts are required for reimbursements. Reimbursements may not exceed the amount of money spent on the event. Please note that alcohol is a non-reimbursable item. 

RECEIVING YOUR REIMBURSEMENT: UVA Clubs with a UVA Fund account will receive funding through their UVA Fund account. The club will then be responsible for reimbursing hosts or volunteers as needed for expenses they may have incurred. 

Reimbursement Form  

For questions please email:

CDC and Local Covid-19 Resources

All Cavalier Summer Socials must be planned and executed in accordance with local and state Covid-19 mitigation measures with consideration of CDC gathering guidance in place on the day of the event. Consider outdoor venues when possible. Your club may also incorporate and require additional safety measures.